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Our homes need art. But why?

By :Sara Rendon 0 comments
Our homes need art. But why?

Home art: why is it important?

At first glance, the question and its apparent response appear to be rather elementary. However, there is more to it than simply embellishing the living area with some new accessories or paint.

This is why every home should include at least a few exceptional works of original art:

In a home, art adds a sense of humanity

With so many manufactured goods filling our homes, it's great to have something that can instantly inject some vitality into a space.

You can feel the artist's dedication and expertise while looking at a finished art piece. You might have even met the artist in person or heard their story. Seeing fingerprints, brush strokes or marks on an artwork serves as a reminder of the artist behind it, even if you've never met him or her.

Art is a means of self-expression and a catalyst for open discussion

Art, as the saying goes, speaks for those things that cannot be put into words.

Art is a wonderful method to convey your thoughts and feelings to others and yourself without needing words.

Why? Art conveys meaning through narrative.

And the narrative behind the artwork you love so much that you had to display it on your wall says a lot about you.

Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and your values to the world. If you do this, you can develop closer relationships with people who you welcome into your home.

Expression via art helps us acknowledge and accept our feelings

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand—as if it were necessary to understand—when it is simply necessary to love.” - Claude Monet

When we gaze at a work of art, it might trigger strong feelings, whether they're associated with a specific memory or an overall state of mind. Art has the power to lift our spirits when we've had a rough day, help us recall important details, or motivate us to achieve our full potential. Knowing that our feelings are shared by other people may be a source of solace.

Insight into our own feelings, ideas, and responses may be mulled over thanks to the mirror that art gives. For better or worse, sharing our feelings with others validates our experience.

Art pushes us and encourages us to do better

When art serves a greater purpose than aesthetics, it poses intellectual problems, challenges the viewer's worldview, and can even be unsettling.

By giving in to these sentiments, we force ourselves to consider new ideas, overcome obstacles, and broaden our perspectives. Keeping a piece of art that has changed our perspective on the world in our own space serves as a constant prompt to examine our routines and assumptions.

As Paul Klee said, “Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view”.

Art serves as a reminder of potential

Being around individuals who are happy at what they do motivates you to do the same. That's why we like to keep tabs on what famous painters, sportsmen, and yogis are up to on Instagram. Their enthusiasm inspires you.

It's simple to get mired in the same old habits. So many people, including ourselves, have said, "I would paint more if I had time," and yet we never seem to find the time. Or that we plan to spend our retirement years pursuing these interests.

It is inspiring to watch a person doing what brings them the greatest happiness in life—creating and committing time to that which they love. They encourage us to follow their lead by following our interests and going against conventional wisdom.

The arts inspire us to take risks

Adventuring into the world as an artist is difficult. The financial and social costs might be high for extended periods of time.

It also opens the door to scrutiny. Putting oneself out there in the form of art, poetry, writing, or a public speech is a risky endeavor, as anybody who has done so will attest.

The presence of a piece of art in one's house may serve as a constant reminder of the rewards that come with putting oneself out there and being willing to be vulnerable.

Art brings life to homes

The importance of personalizing the interior design of your house stems from the fact that it serves as a reflection of who you are. The most important thing is that you feel at ease in your own home. And decorating your primary living space with works you appreciate will make spending time there more pleasurable.

Moreover, from a practical design perspective, artwork serves as a focal point, completes the look of a space, and represents your personality. Having artwork in your house is a deliberate choice that results in a more vibrant environment.


Our houses are incomplete without artwork

But where do you look for that one ideal item? Go to our shop section and choose your favorite art piece out of hundreds of works made by artists all over the world. You may narrow your search by color, size, and room if you already have a certain item in mind.

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