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A portrait on your wall

By :Arte Urbano 0 comments
A portrait on your wall

A portrait is simply a picture of someone's face. Portraits were created long before the still camera. Artists have long since captured faces on canvas.

To create a truly beautiful portrait takes talent, time and attention. The artists at Arte-Urbano put all these elements into their artworks. There are many different types of portraits. You can choose a colorful portrait but also a black and white portrait. Or go for a realistic or historical portrait.

Which portrait suits you

This is all about taste and feeling and we do not have an unambiguous answer to this. Our advice is to always choose a portrait that says something to you. This can be due to a certain look, but also, for example, the color composition. Another possibility is that you choose a line portrait


Are you looking for something more striking or challenging

Do you want a striking portrait on the wall? Then opt for something colorful and expressive. For some this is too striking, but for those who like to have a striking interior, this fits perfectly.


If you are looking for something more challenging, you can also opt for a portrait with more nudes.


Make a collage

Why stick to one painting when you can also choose several. We often see that customers choose multiple paintings as a colleague to fill an empty wall. Portraits that go well together are great for collage

View our portraits here Click Here

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