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Art is something I grew up with. It's in my blood.
A gift I was lucky enough to inherit from my grandpa. He was a very talented commercial artist. As a child I used to frequently sneak into his studio to see what he was working on and his artwork was breathtaking. The detail he was able to capture on paper. Inspirational. That room was pure magic to me. He would enter his studio with a blank canvas and exit with something utterly breathtaking. A piece completely crafted with his own hands and creative mind. I wanted some of that magic for myself. His studio represented freedom to me and I wanted my very own bubble of unlimited artistic design. A place where all the rules, responsibilities and mundanity of humanity ceased to apply.

Art symbolizes escape to me. Literally. It's a break away from my everyday life. A reminder there is more. It isn't selfish or bound by structure and routine. It is designed to be anything you want or need it to be. It's the only place where your options are endless. I love the flexibility and versatility of creativity. I love that I can disappear into my artwork and be myself at my absolute finest. I love being able to design artwork for any and everyone's unique tastes. From landscapes, architecture, abstracts, plants and portraits to my very own favourite area of specialty animals and wildlife, I endeavour to try my hand at all forms of subject matter.

Ultimately my true artistic passion lies with animals. They have and always will hold a special place in my heart and majority of the space in my studio. You cannot get any closer to perfection than animals. They are raw and pure. Unpredictable. Ultimately, they are free and to me freedom is the epitome of art.

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