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Kim Curinga has always loved animals and art. As a photographer and digital artist she is ableto combine all aspects together.A quote by Beverly Pepper, "A balanced human seldom produces art. It's that imbalance which impels us..." defines her view of her process.“Its the odd moment, the fleeting image that the camera captures, whether it stands alone as aphotograph or is subject matter for art. Gritty or beautiful, calming or sad, it is the desire tohave someone else see what I see, to convey the thought, or just to "get it". That's what drives me to do what I do.”

She lives in Pennsylvania on acreage with her husband and many pets. Doing animal rescuework and living in a rural area, gives her subject matter of all types.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Maine Media Workshops, shehas shown all over the country, solo and juried exhibitions, in museums, galleries, art centers and online shows, magazines and AP articles, winning Critics choice, Directors Choice, andJurors Choice. She has also worked as a digital editor, on small independent films anddocumentaries.

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