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"I'm Alexandra Resende (AlexA) and I'm 47 years old. I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I am the mother of a beautiful atypical 11 year old girl! My first unconditional love! I have always loved drawing and painting! In 2020 the Covid pandemic came and we all went home, where I started to help my girl in classes and therapies via Zoom, helping her do her schoolwork and trying to keep sane amid the widespread fear... . Just at this point I started painting again what I feel and what I like, and the activity served precisely to help me keep my sanity until I realized that there were people really appreciating my art and I started to dedicate myself with great enthusiasm, thus discovering my second unconditional love! Yes, I am self-taught! What happiness I feel doing what I love! The feeling of personal fulfillment, the development of technique, the exploration of new ideas and ideals with the painting, the material itself, the creation process, the personal fulfillment of knowing that someone chose a piece of my authorship to take to decorate their home or office! The euphoria of sharing my art on social media in this wonderful virtual gallery without borders, interacting with clients, art admirers in general and other artists from all over the world!"

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