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I’ve felt the call to create art all my life. In grade school art classes at P.S. 185 in Brooklyn, New York, I colored outside the lines - on purpose!

During my teen years in northern New Jersey, I began drawing realistic portraits of rock icons, like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger, as well as abstract marker and ink renderings. Years later, I fell in love with jewelry design and for 15 years my handcrafted jewelry sold in galleries and boutiques across America.

Around 2001, I discovered the wonders of digital art. My limited edition prints sold in galleries and other venues in New York, New Jersey, Omaha, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

After returning to New Jersey from a four-year stint in Seattle, where I drew inspiration from the unique topography and nature of the Pacific Northwest, I discovered acrylic painting and was hooked! I created brightly colored abstract and whimsical creations, ultimately selling many paintings at shows.

In addition to art, I love to write. I wrote trend articles and profiles for “Giftbeat,” a gift industry newsletter, produced email marketing for a luxury jewelry store and was the managing editor of a regional business/lifestyle magazine. I’ve also taught art and yoga classes.

Today, I live in Barnegat New Jersey at the beautiful Jersey Shore with my husband, a writer, and our two cats.

“I’m a self-taught, modern, abstract acrylic painter and digital artist. I explore the joyful and quirky parts of life, inspired by nature, animals, urban landscapes, dreams and culture.
Though I often paint with bold colors and marks, I also enjoy working with a more muted palette and subtle imagery. My art often expresses positive energy, love, joy, and whimsy. As an artist, I believe experimenting and evolving is both an important and fun part of the process.
When I paint, I feel invigorated and guided on a spiritual level. An energy takes over my brush or guides my pen on the computer tablet, and I’m in the flow. It feels like a conversation between my conscious and subconscious, and I’m just along for the ride. What a feeling!”
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