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I am a digital artist based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I have a high grade O’ Level in art, but no post-school qualifications. I am self taught, working with various applications to achieve the standard to which I work today. I began creating my own art portfolio approximately six years ago, inspired by Banksy’s graffiti elements and the street art of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I worked through various styles and techniques before discovering my strengths which I discovered firmly sits with commercial art.  My overall experiences include undertaking various commissions for advertising media (music and performing arts related) for individuals and local companies, displaying my art in local art galleries (Macclesfield, Rotherham, Sheffield). I have sold my themed work (City of Sheffield) via Yorkshire Pantry, York and Henderson’s Relish in Sheffield.

I began working in art licensing four years ago and now have a varied portfolio for this purpose.

"Creativity is my driving force, which must be expressed.  My work as an artist gives credence to this, as does my longstanding career as a professional vocalist and more recently, becoming a published author.  

Art is a feeling, a perspective and a unique form of communication. I am inspired by what surrounds me - colour, texture or structure, and often use my own photography to capture the variations, e.g. – symmetry, grainy walls and pathways, shades of land and sea wherever I travel. My own style has taken some years to develop, but this learning has been invaluable and satisfying.  I believe my art is thought provoking and offers a different perspective, through my own interpretation.

The pleasures are many, but none so rewarding than if by creating artful renditions of the world, my work induces thought, reflection or simply makes someone smile"

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