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My work expresses joy through color and I am inspired by the act of creating. The possibilities are endless. There is so much to discover.   Painting intuitively, the journey begins and expands. Spontaneity, exploration and discovery are a part of the adventure.

I love the process of painting. That jump into the unknown.  I wonder often and am curious about  “what if” and “why not?” What lures me to the easel are the mysteries to be explored, the unfolding and evolution, the dead ends and the delight of the Ah ha moments!

My inspiration is found in the doing of the painting where I enter the magical world and language of painting. I love color and placing one beautiful color next to another. Content is often found as colors connect and create beautiful shapes. Compositions are magnified to create exaggerated movement. Line is used for emphasis and direction. The canvas can be filled with as many as 15 layers of acrylic, collage and big squirts of color squeezed right from the tube.  My working method welcomes spontaneity, chance and greater opportunities.

Meaning or truth is not often recognized in process or even at first glance. You must be still and present and look and listen. It may be different for everyone. This quest for what more is possible has fueled my passion for making art since the 1980’s.

I began my art career winning poster contests and painting on Atlantic City boardwalk storefronts. I continued my education with a BA from Chestnut Hill College and teacher certification from Kutztown University.  I am a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and have exhibited widely and received many awards. My work has been featured in several publications, 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic, AcrylicWorks2:Radical Breakthroughs and AcrylicWorks3: Creating Texture and Art Journey Animals: A collection of Inspiring Contemporary Masterworks.

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