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Growing up on the outskirts of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa, Winnie was cradled in the lap of Mother Africa. She learned from a young age to explore and appreciate the unmistakable rhythm, textures and colours of her surroundings.

She submerged herself in art from a young age which led to an organic desire to create physical art from inner appreciation.

Winnie was afforded the opportunity to attend a prestigious Art High School in Pretoria, which had a lasting impact on her life. A whole new world of art and history opened for her, a truly transformative experience for a small-town girl with an innate ability to create from within.

After she married and had 3 wonderful children, a lifelong dream of becoming a full-time artist became reality, when her family moved to the picturesque Cape Town area.

Winnie believes that travelling strengthens our thoughts and appreciation for what lies ahead and what has been. One memorable trip to Vienna, Austria had a profound impact on her career. She was able to visit a Gustav Klimt exhibition and was energized by his use of detailed decorative elements.

Unconstrained by one medium, she is a mixed media artist and regards herself to be a true impressionist at heart. She incorporates fabrics, gold and silver leaf, inks, pastels and collage papers into her acrylic and oil paintings. Constantly investigating and discovering new techniques, her art is not exactly planned but happenstance.

Still drawing inspiration from her surroundings and the rhythm of Africa, she enjoys countless sunsets over Table Mountain and her inner appreciation for life remains manifested in her art.

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