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Basic ideas to level up your walls with a new look

By :Arte Urbano 0 comments
Basic ideas to level up your walls with a new look

Are your walls ready for a new look or do you want to give your current interior something extra? In this blog, we share ideas and inspiration on how to best approach and level up your walls with a new look!

The first step is to properly measure which size suits your needs. You can test with a blank sheet of paper whether the desired size comes into its own.

The basic thing is that there are always three different variants to choose from. This can be a vertical, horizontal or square painting. You can choose to go for one painting, but creating a collage can also be a very nice addition to your interior.

The 2/3 Rule

The sofa and the dining table are usually the wider objects of the furnishing. If you want to hang a painting above, we recommend the 2/3 rule. The painting must be at least 2/3 the size of the sofa or dining table. There are several ways to do this. You can choose one horizontal painting, but you can also choose a collage of three equally sized vertical paintings. In this way you create a kind of gallery effect in your home.

You can also opt for a more creative excess. If you like different formats and dimensions, choose a collage of horizontal and vertical paintings. With such a collage, think carefully about which colors and images fit well with the interior. The risk of not properly matching each other is that the collage may become too busy.

A combination of only vertical paintings is also a variant that is often used. You can choose paintings of equal or different dimensions. This variant looks calmer than the variant with both horizontal and vertical paintings.

Hanging paintings on the wall is not the only way to bring more art into your home. Two common other ways are placing paintings on low furniture or using shelves on the wall on which paintings can be placed.

Do you like a modern, clean and aligned collage? Choose from paintings that together form a whole. You can do this by using horizontal and vertical dimensions or by using square dimensions only.

Earlier we wrote about a collage of only vertical paintings. If you want to go for this variant, but would like to have it a bit more challenging, then opt for a number of elongated vertical paintings of equal dimensions. This variant will certainly leave a mark on your interior! 

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