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Before studying art I spent my life heavily involved in dance and theatre, a passion which is reflected strongly in my art work. Most of my watercolour paintings are figurative, often inspired by dance and theatre life as well as my encounters with the people around me and people who i've met along my travels. I am drawn to, and focus on, the beautiful body lines and shapes shown through people´s movement and expression. I love the coarseness and strength of emotion in theatre and the beauty and inhibition of dance, to me these are things we can relate to in the same way we relate to artwork that we see, which is why I like to combine the two - it allows utter freedom of expression. ​I paint in watercolour and work in a comparatively loose and liberal technique with which I allow the paint to create its own rhythms and imperfections, reminiscent of real life. My paintings are light and simple and have been described as "ethereal" and "dreamlike". As you may have noticed looking through my work, my inspiration changes like the wind, one week I'm obsessed with big colourful animal paintings, the next I'm on to textured nudes or loose portraits, I never get bored!

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