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A Size Guide for Your Work at Arte Urbano

A Size Guide for Your Work at Arte Urbano

Of course this is different for every room, but we are happy to help you with a number of principles that you can apply.

  • We often use the 2/3 rule for artworks that will hang above the sofa. For the size, choose at least 2/3 of the width of the sofa. If your sofa is 180cm wide, choose a work of at least 120cm wide (that is 2/3 of 180cm). In this way you ensure that the work does not look too small and disappears into your interior, or it turns out too large and makes the space smaller.

    • The 2/3 rule can also be applied above the dining table. If your table is 150 cm wide, choose a work of at least 100 cm. The 2/3 rule does not apply if the work is to hang at the end of the table. In that case we recommend choosing a standing work. Choose a work that is no wider than the table.

    • Do you want to dress up the empty walls in the hall? Then go for several works and hang them in one long row.


    • In your bedroom, opt for a work ofminimum 120 cm wide for above your double bed. Just like above the sofa, you can also hang a collage of smaller works above the bed.

    • Do you want to hang something on an empty wall without an anchor point? Choose a work of at least 80 cm in height. If you cannot align a work with a sofa or table, anything smaller than that will feel too small.